Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search has changed. We understand that ranking is not the goal, selling is. So, we go beyond traditional search marketing and help you in establishing your brand name and dominating the competition.
At Bsc Group, We Believe If Your Website Keywords Ranks on Page 1 of Search Engine’s like Google, Yahoo & Bing, Results can be better than Super Bowl ads, Airport Billboards, Magazine Inserts and Blimps. But drop to page two and you might as well be invisible, As per a study by in 2011-12 said that “only 17% of searchers bothered to move past the first page of their search results.” Thereby Bsc Group concludes that, Keywords Ranking on or beyond Page 2 is good for tracking trends but has almost no business value.

Now you must be wondering of How your Website can Rank on 1st Page of Search Engines?, Isn’t That the million dollar question, right?

Answer to this Million Dollar Question is a technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that employs a combination of factors to help your website achieve higher rankings in major search engines organically.

Let us shed some light on these Combination of factors, We primarily Divide these Factors into 2 Main Categories, On Page Optimization Factors & Off Page Optimization Factors, and following are the activities that fall into each of these categories.



Search Engine Optimization is a broad definition for the various methods in which websites can be created, designed, and maintained with the intention of being indexed and ranked within search engines and online directories. Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the single most important feature in an company’s Internet strategy. Company often put substantial effort in building their websites but place inadequate emphasis on SEO services. The objective of search engine optimization services is to help a company get better rankings in the search engines.